Fifth Payment from Slicethepie

English: Front of , located at 3241 Trinity Ro...

English: Front of , located at 3241 Trinity Road in Louisville, , . Built in 1802, the house is listed on the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wood Storks

Wood Storks (Photo credit: *Kid*Doc*One*)

Palace of Westminster - London, England

Palace of Westminster – London, England (Photo credit: Trodel)

If you like writing and listening to beautiful songs, this is the right job for you.

This site SLICETHEPIE is really 100% legitimate. They pay right to my Paypal each time I reach $10.00, I am so thankful to them, that I will continue writing reviews about songs.

I leveled up to Silver, therefore my current base salary is $0.03 and I have 14% now.

I reccomend this site because it is serious and you know that when you write your reviews you are going to get your payment.


Slicethepie has paid me four times

Cold on the Shoulder (Gordon Lightfoot album)

Cold on the Shoulder (Gordon Lightfoot album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautiful landscape

Beautiful landscape (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

Great!, I got my fourth payment from Slicethepie.  I am very happy because I do what I want, I listen to nice songs. and then I write a review using musical terms and adjectives, or I give the singers some ideas on how to improve their  recordings.

This site is very serious and it is the best site for me so far.

So far so good because I am at Silver level still but almost reaching Bronze level. I registered for Catwalk from Slicethepie too, but they answer me that they are on Beta at the moment and that they will get back to me shortly as soon as they need more users.

Second Awarded Answer at Webanswers!

read about music

James Blunt

James Blunt (Photo credit: nonu | photography)

Country Road

Country Road (Photo credit: AcrylicArtist)

English: Line art drawing of the A note Españo...

English: Line art drawing of the A note Español: dibujo en blanco y negro de la nota La corchea, en el pentagrama en clave de sol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Hey this is my second awarded answer about Beethoven the great musician.


Hey there! I am now working, actually enjoying this new site Webanswers. I am readty20  there and I highly recommend this site because you will find really interesting and useful information there.

I asked about writing online sites and I got useful answers. My advice is that you choose the subcategory in which you feel that you can show off your expertise.  I always click on “entertainment and music”. I know a lot about movies, music from different genres and countries. I like from classical music to todays music pop, easy listening.

I can also earn revenue from my awarded answers. The site gives the users a percentage of the Amazon and Ebay earnings. At the moment I love writing but I also like earning from doing it. If you are interested in joining the site or in reading my questions and answers or the comments you can do it  from the link below.  I think you will like it,

Thanks for visiting my site, all the best, happy writing, Cheers,