Slicethepie has paid me four times

Cold on the Shoulder (Gordon Lightfoot album)

Cold on the Shoulder (Gordon Lightfoot album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautiful landscape

Beautiful landscape (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

Great!, I got my fourth payment from Slicethepie.  I am very happy because I do what I want, I listen to nice songs. and then I write a review using musical terms and adjectives, or I give the singers some ideas on how to improve their  recordings.

This site is very serious and it is the best site for me so far.

So far so good because I am at Silver level still but almost reaching Bronze level. I registered for Catwalk from Slicethepie too, but they answer me that they are on Beta at the moment and that they will get back to me shortly as soon as they need more users.