I have my first Lens at the Wonderful site Squidoo with 100%

First time out with my new lens - a Tokina 400...

First time out with my new lens – a Tokina 400mm f/5.6 SD that I picked up off eBay. It was a bit of an unsteady walk out to the end of the reef, so I did without the tripod, yet the photos came out better than I expected. I’m looking forward to what the lens can do once I get to know it and have a tripod on hand. These are three Black-Faced Cormorants (Phalacrocorax fuscescens) on a rock at Aldinga Beach, South Australia. Hand held. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sea (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Sea turtle visits for lunch

Sea turtle visits for lunch (Photo credit: micahcraig)

Image representing Squidoo as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

I have reached at last the 100% in the building of my new lens, and my first.

First off, it has been really amazing to be learning how to do the lens.  I chose  the Title “My Writing Online Experiences… well I am thinking of adding more and more information about new sites for writers.

These are the steps I followed:

1. I already have decided the topic and I just selected a title for it

2. Then I wrote an introduction in a friendly style

3. I took my own pictures and I attributed my copyrights as the owner using the Squidoo guidelines. In the pictures I included a link to my profile at Squidoo  in the link box in the editing page.

4. I added Amazon MP3 , Amazon and eBay modules, and I edited them.

I must admit that it was an exciting moment to do this, because I enjoyed choosing the best songs and styles from the list.

5. I selected the tags, which is very interesting. The polls, the comments, the tags modules are requested to complete a lens.

6.I checked the progress of my new lens  all the time ( the progress list is placed on the right hand side of the screen ) .It shows the completed steps with different colors. When it is ready it turns green and with a check beside its name.

7. I pressed the publish tab after each editing on my lens to see what it looked like.

It was really nice to see that I have reached the 100% finally after 2 days of work.

Squidoo has many lenses (articles) about  creating lenses. So it is easy to follow the instructions and advance the steps to complete your lens.

Second Payment from Slicethepie, the Great Site to write reviews

This Is Country Music

This Is Country Music (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Country Road

Country Road (Photo credit: Vortexmind)

Country Road

Country Road (Photo credit: freefotouk)

The Essential Collection (Duran Duran)

The Essential Collection (Duran Duran) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LAST.FM ~ the new music player is the best!

LAST.FM ~ the new music player is the best! (Photo credit: draggin)

Yes, I received my second payment for reviewing songs!. I am so happy and I bless the creators of Slicethepie.

It is quite easy for me to review songs because I am a pianist and I have musical knowldege.  This site allows users to write about their favorite styles of music. Make sure to write a good review using musical terms like, tempo, rhythm, style, genre, instrumentation, lyrics etc.

Mention the elements of a song: Write something about the singer, the dynamics.

It is a legitimate site and it really pays.

You can register from this link, you will love the site. If one of your hobbies is listening to the music this is the right site for you  to have fun and at the same time, to earn some revenue.